Equipment we may provide for you includes concentrators, Static cylinders, Portable cylinders and lightweight cylinders. Depending on your prescription you may receive a combination of the above equipment


Many people will have a concentrator to provide their main Oxygen supply. It is possible you will have two installed one upstairs and one downstairs. There are many advantages to using a concentrator including ease of use, having a constant supply of Oxygen when the unit is turn on, low noise level and cost compared to using cylinders.

The concentrator needs to be plugged into your electricity supply for its power source - if you are in your own property you will be refunded the electricity the machine uses on a 3 month basis from installation - you will also have a static cylinder as a back up to the concentrator is case the machine fails or there is a power supply failure. 

Concentrators must have good all round ventilation and should never be covered, placed in a cupboard or near flammable items. The technician will assess and install it in a safe position for you, it should not be moved with out consultation with our technician first.

Our concentrators have various visual and audible alarm systems in built, your technician will explain what to do on installation should any alarms activate.

Please ensure you turn the concentrator off when not using.

Static Cylinders.

These are usually provided for people using short burst therapy such as with cluster headache treatment. A static cylinder will also be provided for people prescribed an oxygen concentrator. It is important if you have a concentrator that the cylinder is only used in a power supply failure or equipment failure and not for everyday use.

Standard Portable Cylinders:

If you are prescribed portable cylinders for use while exercising then we will provide these for you. The technician will go through all the details on how to use on installation, but remember that portables carried in the car should be secured safely so they cannot move about. You should only take the amount of cylinders in the car that you will require for the day with the spare being secured safely in your cars boot. Portables are not to be used when in bed or sitting down at home, you must use your concentrator at these times. You may be prescribed a conserving device to use with the cylinder which will prolong its use. Keep an eye on how many full cylinders you have available generally re-supply of these cylinders is not an emergency, so if you run out over the weekend you will not be supplied again until the Monday (exceptions maybe if this is your only supply of oxygen) Please read FAQ to see how to organise a re- supply of cylinders.

Ultra Lightweight Portable Cylinders:

Prescribed only for those that have difficulty in using standard portable cylinders after assessement by the respiratory service.


The techncian will provide you with Oxygen Masks, Tubes, Nasal Cannula, carry bag for portables and install fire breaks on your system. Please ask the techncian when you require replacements. The Fire breaks should never be removed from your system as they are an important safety feature.