Oxygen - FAQ

  • The Alarms are sounding on my concentrator - Check the unit is still plugged in at the mains and the switch is on. Check you have power to the house. If there has been an electricity supply failure turn the machine off use your back up cylinder, you will be able to use your concentrator again once electricity has been installed. For any other reason use your back up cylinder and call the technican for advice. If need be the techncian will attend in person.
  • How do I clean my concentrator?  Turn the unit off, remove the inlet cover on the back of the machine (the technician will have demonstrated this on installation) and wipe with a slightly damp cloth.
  • How do I organise a re-supply of cylinders? Please call our office between 0800 - 0900 for same day delivery or later for next day delivery. If you are a regular user of portable cylinders we may set - up a weekly delivery with you. Please remember that over weekends, public holidays or after 1700 hours we provide an emergency service. Generally portable cylinder re- supply is not an emergency you will need to use the concentrator and we will re-supply on the next working day. (The exception is if portable cylinders are your only prescribed supply of Oxygen). Calling us out of normal working hours is a very expensive way to deliver Oxygen please check your contents guide on the cylinder.
  •  How often should I change accessories such as masks, nasal cannula or tubes? We recommend changing at least monthly, possibly more if you are on Long term Oxygen Therapy, and after you have recovered from a respiratory infection. Just ask your technician for a supply on your next cylinder or service delivery.
  •  How do I receive the electricity rebate on the concentrator? The technician will call every 3 months and take a reading from your machine so we can see how much it has been used, this information will be passed to ESSC who will issue you with the rebate. 
  •  Is there anyone I should inform I am using home Oxygen? We recommend you inform your household insurers, and you must inform your car insurers if you transport portable oxygen in your car. Don't forget to inform visitors to your house not to smoke in the same room oxygen is being used.
  • I am moving address - who should I inform? You must inform our office if you are moving address so a technician can collect the equipment and re-install it at your new address for you. We will do this even it is a temporary move such as attending respite care.
  • I am going away on holiday, how do I organize Oxygen for my trip? Generally you will need to purchase Oxygen from a supplier in your destination we should be able to help you find a supplier. On International flights it is unlikely you will be able to take a portable cylinder with you, however Lungevtity a local charity supporting Lung Health have purchased a number of portable concentrators which you may be able to borrow for the journey. Contact us at least two weeks in advance as it does require some planning and we will also need to evaluate whether a portable concentrator is suitable for your needs.