Oxygen Safety

Safety points you should observe and how we can help you

  • Never smoke or allow anyone else to smoke in the room where you are using Oxygen. (In addition to gain the most benefit from Oxygen therapy you should stop smoking - your healthcare provider will be able to offer you advice)
  • Do not use naked flames or place the equipment near a source of heat (3 metres clearance)
  • Install a smoke alarm if you do not already have one. (When we install Oxygen at a private residence, with your permission we will inform Guernsey Fire & Rescue of the installation. If you wish they can also contact you and offer you free safety advice)
  • Do not use or allow oil or grease to come into contact with your Oxygen equipment. Beware that many hand creams have petroleum products in their list of ingredients, if you use please make sure your moisturiser is water based.
  • Do not use aerosol sprays near your Oxygen equipment
  • Never attempt to adapt your equipment in anyway. 
  • Do not store cylinders or concentrators next to combustible material, do not cover the equipment and ensure it is stored and used in a well ventilated area
  • Never leave your mask or nasal cannula on the bed or chair whilst it is turned on
  • You should inform your property insurers that you have an oxygen installation at home. If you are also using portable cylinders in the car, these need to be secured so they cannot move and you will need to inform your car insurers. Only portable cylinders can be transported in your car, if you need your larger cylinder or concentrator moved, for instance when changing address then please ask and the technicians will move it safely for you.
  • Make sure you turn your Oxygen off when not in use
Your Oxygen technician will ensure your Oxygen is safe on installation and ensure you are happy with the safety issues involved. If you have any concerns please refer to your handbook for more detailed information or call the on duty technician who will be happy to advice you.